Our company performs services and solutions for mission critical environments.

We offer designs ranging from basic to modular, scalable and high availability ones, depending on the application and client needs.

We look for technically sound solutions taking into account energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Omnia :: Sciences | Tachnologies | Services

Services and Solutions:

  • Consulting services for Data Centers, Hospitals and other mission critical environments.
  • Assessment of facilities.
  • Consulting services for power quality and energy efficiency projects.
  • New installations (electrical, UPS, data, cooling, security, environmental monitoring, lighting, control) and modification of existing ones.
  • Education in standards and best practices related with physical infrastructure for IT and engineering staffs.
  • Special Projects

Application areas:

  • Governmental
  • IT
  • Hospitals and health related facilities
  • Health
  • Financial and Banking
  • Oil&Gas
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Laboratories
  • Research institutions
  • Defence